Dear Miss Amazing participants, 

Hello and warm welcome to you all!

I am Gabriella Amaya and I will be the New York State Director for our 2019 pageant! I am thrilled to be a part of this journey with you and I cannot wait to meet you all !

I am extremely passionate about the mission of Miss Amazing, as I myself lived with a disability as a little girl. Developing positive self-esteem and confidence is something we may all struggle with as human beings. Having a disability while undergoing those battles can have even harder effect on our development. I find that Miss Amazing allows us to have a platform to challenge ourselves and experience what it means to live outside our comfort zone. It is then that we can develop into the confident and empowered women we were born to be.

As director for Miss Amazing, I am here to support you throughout this journey and envision this years pageant to be the biggest New York has seen yet! Together we can challenge stereotypes and set the example for what it means to be beautiful and live with disability.

In the years to come Miss Amazing will be continuing to challenge the norm and be a platform for powerful women to embrace who they are.

I will see you ladies soon!!

With love,

Gabriella Dee Amaya