The New York Miss Amazing Pageant is made possible by our dedicated and experienced volunteer committee. 



Gabriella Amaya- Gabriella is from Long Island, New York and is a Registered Behavior Technician. She has a B.A in Speech-Language Pathology and is beginning her Masters in Speech at Columbia University. Gabriella has always held a passion for working with people who live with disability as she herself lived with a disability as a little girl. From her professional and personal experience, she firmly believes that we are not defined by our circumstances. We are defined by how we allow each experience to push us forward as leaders of our own life. Gabriella is excited to work with the Miss Amazing participants, family members and volunteers as she knows the community of Miss Amazing is one that will dispel the stereotypes of what it means to be a woman and live with disability.



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director of TREASURY

Kala Di Giacomo

Kala is from Long Island, NY and is a recent graduate from UNCW. She has a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Spanish. Throughout her four years at UNCW and as an active member of Alpha Delta Pi, Kala made community work a priority. As a post-grad, she has been eager to join an organization that she is passionate about, where she can serve to advance their meaningful cause. Kala is specifically inspired by the opportunity to empower these courageous strong women to reach their greatess potential. Kala is looking forward to meeting all of the participants of Miss Amazing as well as their friends and families. Through her personal and professional experiences she is hoping to contribute to the success of Miss Amazing 2020!


Director of Accounting

Gabriella Mingino

Gabriella is from Long Island, New York. She is a graduate of Fairfield University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and a minor in Italian Studies. Gabriella completed part of her coursework at Florence University of the Arts. While living abroad she learned not only of different cultures and people, but the value of embracing the unknown. At an early age, Gabriella was faced with her own personal challenge. It was through this challenge that she understood the value of positive support from family and friends. This helped shape her deep passion for supporting and empowering others so they may achieve their goals and dreams. Gabriella is excited to be a part of the Miss Amazing team and work with participants, families, and volunteers.


director of Staff

Haley Van Den Burg

Haley is from Queens, New York and is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at St. John’s University. Haley’s passion for working with individuals with disabilities began in high school through her work with Best Buddies and Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine organization. She has also volunteered with the Rebecca School for children with neurodevelopmental delays and disabilities, NYU Langone’s Initiative for Women with Disabilities, and at the Disha Community-Based Rehabilitation Center for children and young adults with disabilities in Kochi, India. She is so honored and excited to be a part of the New York Miss Amazing team and cannot wait to meet all of the wonderful participants and volunteers!



Director of Participants

Triz Ann Dearoz

Triz Ann Dearoz is a native-born Pinay who currently resides in the Suffolk County of Long Island, New York. She is a second-year graduate Occupational Therapy student at Stony Brook University with a B.A. in Psychology from St. John’s University in Queens. She has worked extensively with many underserved groups, including individuals with various abilities throughout her time in undergraduate and continuously through her graduate studies. Fueled by her belief in joy as the root of power among girls and women of all abilities, Triz Ann is excited and honored to be serving as part this year’s Miss Amazing New York Chapter team! 

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 Director of Buddies/Social Media Representative

nicole Hernandez

Nicole Hernandez is from Brooklyn, New York. She is currently attending St. Johns University, studying Sociology. As a sociology student, she studies the systemic oppression certain groups of people face within society, especially those living with disability. Through diversity and inclusion she hopes to make sure everyone is comfortable and feels welcomed to be their best selves at Miss Amazing. Nicole believes Miss Amazing is an incredible organization that fosters a culture where women with disabilities can be empowered as well as empower one another.


event goods lead

maria lopez

Maria is from Queens, New York. She has had many a rewarding experiences on stage and she has made it her lifes’ mission to create equal opportunities for others, particularly for children from often overlooked communities. A former Arts Director for the Boys’ Club of New York, Maria is now the Elementary Art Teacher at Dream Charter School in East Harlem. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music and a Master’s degree in Child Advocacy and Policy. As a child advocate and pageant girl, Maria is delighted for the opportunity to work for an organization that allows young girls and women with disabilities to shine on stage. She is so honored to partake in such an inspiring event filled with so many wonderful people.

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